Hypervisor Nodes

These nodes act as the hypervisor or virtual machine monitor, overseeing the creation and management of virtual machines. They allocate resources, such as CPU, memory, and storage, to each VM.

Storage Nodes

Responsible for managing storage resources, these nodes handle the virtual disks and data storage associated with virtual machines.

Network Nodes

Playing a pivotal role in networking, these nodes establish connections between virtual machines, allowing seamless communication and data transfer.

Private Data Nodes

Focused on securing sensitive information within virtualized environments, these nodes handle encryption and decryption processes to safeguard data within virtual machines.

Public Data Nodes

Managing non-sensitive information, these nodes facilitate communication and data exchange between virtual machines and external networks.

Indexing Nodes

These nodes organize and index data within virtualized environments, optimizing data retrieval processes.

API Nodes

Serving as the interface for communication between virtual machines and external systems or applications, these nodes enable seamless integration and interaction.

virtu CLOUD

Cloud Meets

Ultimate Simplicity __

Cloud Meets Ultimate Simplicity __

Revolutionizing Cloud Computing with One-Click VM Mastery
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Pre-configured Network Nodes


The Advantages of Our Nodes
Making Mining  Effortless-Simplify cryptocurrency mining with one-click setup, removing technical barriers for all users, from beginners to experts.
Mastering Virtual Machines (VMs) - Unlock powerful computing with Virtu Cloud's VMs, featuring an intuitive dashboard for effortless creation, configuration, and monitoring, ensuring high performance and scalability.
Seamlessly Integrated Nodes- Adaptable, cost-effective cloud solutions for efficient crypto mining and blockchain development.
Cost-Effective Cloud Solutions-
Provide affordable computing resources with scalability and flexible pricing, ideal for minimizing expenses while optimizing performance.
Place and manage orders based on the Level 2 order book, which provides a live display of all bids and offers waiting to be executed.
Place and manage orders based on the Level 2 order book, which provides a live display of all bids and offers waiting to be executed.


5/5 TAX  

Once launched, you'll be able to acquire $VIRTU from any of the provided links on the list.

The future of
trading platform
Take advantage of time and sales, futures spread orders and depth trader — plus, trade directly from charts.
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Hypervisor node
Storage node
Network node
Public data
Encrypted private data

Easy to use digital services and exclusive personal services for our active traders

Hypervisor Node
Storage Node
Network Node    |
Public Data Node
Encrypted Private Data Node*
This ensures the efficient processing and exchange of information within the cloud infrastructure.
Indexing Node
API Node
Mapping the Future of Cloud Technology
In Virtu, VMs are personalized cloud computers with seamless integration, providing access to cloud resources, AI services, and decentralized storage
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Cloud market to surpass $1 trillion by 2026.
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Up to 30% cost reduction with cloud migration.

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Cloud providers invest heavily in security measures.
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Constant evolution with new technologies.
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